The Source

When you need something, you go to...


Even among the denizens of below, Source finds herself quite unique.She is a memory given physical form. A woman in the world above blocked out memories of herself during a dark time in her life, and was so effective that it brought forth this being. The need to sell anything to get her next fix created an almost compulsive desire to trade.

Source has an extraordinary gift for seeing Mance. To her, it appears as clearly as a physical object, a bright swirling coloration around objects and people powerful with it. With this gift, she amassed a collection of desirable objects, and a reputation for being able to find nearly anything a person might need, so long as you trade her something worth it. Favours are her favorite.

Source’s talent for finding things and good evaluation, along with her insisting on fair and equitable trades has allowed her to avoid being forced to swear fealty to any of the lord.

It was long known that Source did not carry any particularly impressive weaponry, but after some unknown event two years ago, Source has been seen carrying a pair of flintlock pistols.

Since her creation,Source has NEVER missed a floating market. Not once.

The Source

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